What do you think about Fashion Competitions..?

I have been thinking about entering a New Zealand Fashion Competition this year (probably a little bit last minute) it takes time to organize it all and then due date is this June. There’s the; getting all the sketches and ideas ready to make the garments (or find someone that make them for me) and then there’s the labels and…
photos that needs to be organised. But it’s a great way to get some exposure and try out an audience while getting some vital questions answered “what does everyone else think about my designs, the style and am I good enough?”.  Being judged is though but can be a learning experience and I it’s like the saying; “your only as good as your latest designs”…I’ve started working on 3 pieces for a Collection section of the Hokonui Fashion Awards, there is a long list of entry sections like “Jeans”, “Mens Wear”, “Street Wear” etc. Admittedly I entered last year, a placement of 31 out of 100 (isn’t much to brag about) with that said I’m not giving up, I’m braving this challenge with the hopes that a mention and better placement.

For Australia and NZ designers fashionexposed.com has a Debut Competition really worth while, more designing then:)…So, I’m putting the question out there, have you had any experiences of a Fashion Competition and what’s your opinion about it?

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