VIP Forum for Fashion Designers finally Started, tick!

A Worldy Premier!

Aspiring Designers are successfully networking in Make it Fashion’s New VIP Forum…I’m so happy that it’s up and running and we are already sharing topics with each other like:

  • Do you actually like sewing and is it a way working around that?
  • Where can you find a suitable Manufacturer and who can make small quantities for a beginning designer?
  • Education vs Self-Taught?
  • Naming your label and the first start out steps?
  • Where to find fabrics and accessories for your Collection?
  • …and lots more…

I have also started making an interest list of any VIP Forum Member that wants to be featured as Designer of the Month here at Make it, a great chance to get your label and link to your website out there. April, May, June and October for 2012 is already booked out.

The forum was one of my biggest goals for this year; create a place for new and novis designers with the idea that we could learn from each others mistakes and fortunes, give and get advice and feel like any question is okay to ask. Can’t believe it took off so quickly and that we all made it happen. If your interested in joining the forum it’s now offered FREE to anyone that purchase my E-book. If you want to know more, just contact me here or put a comment below!


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