Update to date, seeking inspiration in materials…

Hi guys!

“Seeking inspiration in seasons, material, nature and trends…”

While the weather has turned from sunny skies and wearing nothing but flip flops and T-shirts it has been raining and a nordic wind from god knows were works it’s way through every single layer of garments that I have been wearing. My dressmaker on the other hand has been happily working on both my patterns and getting my samples ready for tomorrow when I’m suppose to meet her for a first fitting. I managed to express order some additional fabric for a bomber jacket and it’s proven to be launched at the right time since the weather doesn’t do much for a dress by its own. That made me think about the importance to Launch your garments at the right time. Trying to sell dresses in a coming Autumn (for example) without any knitted garments or jackets to go with it. Nothing wrong with dresses, in fact they seem to sell at any season since New Year and every other Christmas party requires one. It’s just making them for those occasions. Sparkly or in black version to be paired with a little fur coat or a wrap.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and will make sure to bring a camera so that you guys can get an update on how the sampling process is going.

Take Care and happy creating out there…xx Alice

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