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One Tip that I’d like to share here at Make it Fashion is; Being excited about a collection is one thing, being excited about selling it is a another. In fact, besides the questions I get; (1: about where to find a suitable manufacturer) selling a collection or selling garments is the second most popular one. For designers currently writing a Business plan, a big part of it is figuring out how your going to make money on your designs.  You will need to work out who your customer is.

This means taking a good look at the style/garment (whether it’s a sketch or a physical sample) then focus on finding a buyer for it. So, being successful means being passionate about what your producing and what your selling. As a emerging designer you’ll need to know how to sell them and were. I have recently gone about this in a ‘practice makes perfect kind of way’ by putting up some of my samples on the website which is similar to but based in Sweden (where I’m from). Getting bids and questions about the garments have given me a platform to collaborate on. For example, the matter of size has been one issue that I have been focusing on. Some sizes are more popular then others, Large tend to sell better in cardigan styles since a small can use it as an over-size garment too.

When it comes to garments, another issue is selling pants. Puh, pants are generally a ‘harder sell’, the fit has to be good, comfortable while worn so people tend to shy away from buying pants online when they haven’t had any experiences in the fit or how this ‘new brand’ makes their sizes. If your an avid Replay fan for example, you might take a gamble on something you find online since you have tried them on in a store or know your size since you already own a pair. If your not going to make slouchy lounge pants or leggings, possible cargo/army pants then it can be a struggle. This is something you’ll learn by doing, by putting your garments out there and be receptiant to critique and customer opinions. Remember that it’s just a part of the process and don’t take anything personal. If an item doesn’t sell, re-make it, adjust it and be willing to change it while staying true to your vision (mood boards are always a great idea to over-see where you might have gone wrong) and being; passionate.

Happy designing/Alice

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