Fashion business is very creative and promising field. If you have passion about this business, you can definitely excel in it. It is wise to formulate the strategy before starting a fashion Business.

1. Decide on whether you are going to start fashion business for everyone or for any specific gender.
2. Search about the market size. For example if you are going to start a clothing line for women, then your market size will be composed of women in that particular area.
3. To successfully win the market segment, you need to be aware of your competitor’s products and strategies. Think innovative and bring out something different that is not offered by the competitors.
4. It is imperative to check the ongoing trends in the market. For example nowadays, it is a common trend for women to go on job. So you can customize your products or think of offering something specific for working women.
Starting a fashion business requires ample investment. So it is necessary to know the costs that you have to incur in setting up your business.
• Office Space
As a small start-up you don’t need to invest in renting or purchasing office. You can do it in-house. Just take a small area of your house, preferably an isolated one, where you can carry out your office activities without any disturbance.
• Equipment:
Place office furniture, necessary equipments etc and arrange the space to give it more professional look. You will have to invest some money in getting desks, chairs, cabinets, and stationary etc. Moreover, sewing machines, scissors, and needles etc will be required for the workers to stitch and sew products. Getting second-hand equipments is a great option to stay within budget.
• Computers:
You will need computers for carrying out administrative tasks. Most importantly, your accountant will need it. Your designer may also need it to make designs. You can get good quality second-hand computers at affordable prices.
• Printers:
You will also need a printer. Your accountant may need it to give you a printed financial report. Your designer may want to show a sketch to you.
• Inventory:
The major cost will come on inventory or raw material as it is the main input in your business. You need to have a stock of fabrics, threads, zippers, buttons, and embellishments etc. By ordering them in bulk, you can save considerable bucks.
• Telecommunications:
In this modern era, you cannot operate efficiently without telecommunication infrastructure. You need to have telephone and internet for efficient operations.
• Magazines:
To keep yourself updated with the ongoing fashion trends, you need to subscribe to fashion magazines. However, you can also avail internet for this purpose.
• Salaries:
In the start you can manage to handle most of the tasks yourself. However, your fashion business will grow with time and you will need to hire accountants, administrators, designers, labours, and sales rep etc.

Marketing strategy
For Starting a Fashion Business, a marketing strategy is very important in capitalizing your investment.
• First of all you should have an appealing logo or corporate identity with an impressive tagline. There are many free online tools that can help you build a nice logo.
• You can search for various marketing techniques online. Nowadays website is considered as an excellent marketing tool. So a strong online presence can help you win the competition.
• You can participate in fashion shows to give exposure to your products.
Quick guidelines:
• As a small start-up, you can start this fashion business as a part-time business. This way you will gain experience. Moreover, you will be able to gather capital for expanding further.
• Take small orders. Ensure on time delivery as well as excellent quality. This will add to your reputation and will establish the name of your company.
• Create something significant about your design, which give it the identity.
• As you are in the start-up phase so experimentation is risky. You should follow the footsteps of your predecessors.

With this overview of starting a fashion business, you can get through all the hurdles in establishing your business.