Welcome to Make it Fashion.com! Since your here let’s tap on what you’ll need to think about when you first set out to Start a Clothing Line and what different steps you’ll need to take to get there. Also, if your keen to know more about how I made my collection over-seas (I’m Alice) then I suggest you’ll click on the little e-book picture featured below…But for now, let’s start with what your really after, how to manufacture and sell your clothing designs?

Big names in fashion industry like Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli and Alexander Wang are successful for the reason that they launch their own unique fashion lines. Therefore when starting a clothing line, you must have some talent in fashion designing.Below steps will help you start a clothing line easily and successfully:

How to start the Process?
1. First of all determine the type of clothing line you want to start. Make sure your proposed product has the market.
2. Choose the name of your brand. Think of a catchy name that draws people’s attention. Moreover, ensure that it is not an already existing trademark.
3. A logo gives identity and credibility to the business. There are a number of free online tools that can help you create logo for your clothing line. Moreover, you can follow online tutorials and create a professional logo in no time.
4. Complete any legal requirements to register the business name and logo. Register your business with the city clerk and open a bank account for it.
5. Buy a web domain that goes with your brand-name.
Writing a business plan will clearly identify the objectives, strategies, costs and benefits. Download free business plan template from web and enter the information accordingly. This will help you in
• Clarifying your vision.
• Determining the scope of your clothing line business.
• Estimating the start-up costs.
• Getting the finance from investors and lenders.
• Defining the target market.
• Conducting competitive analysis.
• Defining effective operational and strategic strategies.
• Determining the risks and benefits.

How to Start a Clothing Line

Pictured above, me randomly posing in a garment made for a Fashion Competition last year. Success rarely happens over night and expect the least and to possibly go un-noticed even, that way you won’t get disappointed and the risk of you giving up is slimmer. You will get rejected and have people scrutinizing your garments but see that as challenges to over come and to prove them all wrong in your next collection. Remember your always as good (or bad for that matter) as your latest creation:-…I ended up number 31 of 100 designs in this event..

Finding Inspiration:
Do not limit your inspiration to just fashion magazines. There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration in other brands. You can go for the magazines, books, internet and anything you see. Keep a record of whatever inspires you. Create a file or inspiration board and paste whatever fascinates you.
Once you got the inspiration, the next step is to come up with clothing styles and graphic artwork to bring that inspiration into life. Remember your sketches should be original and unique. They should not reflect any existing brand. Rather you should Start a Fashion Line that reflects your own imagination as well as the image of potential buyers.

Sourcing Fabrics: The next step is to think about the fabric and materials you will use to Start a Clothing Line. You need to source production materials like fabric, threads, zippers, buttons, laces, linings and other embellishments. Go around different shops and find the one that offers best deals. Always keep your design in mind while buying anything. It is advisable to buy material in bulk as it will cost you less. Choose the right colours and styles. Also, the materials should be of high-quality.

Getting samples made:
Now, you are on the way to getting the samples made. It is not must that each sample comes out as excellent as the sketch. So do not go for mass-production and get an initial run of 5, 6 samples delivered to you. Determine if the sample reflects your original concept and note the list of changes to be made. Before mass-producing, edit your samples to bring out the best.
Always keep in mind the budget and time constraints as well as the availability of raw materials. For successfully starting a clothing line, it is important that the final products reach the market on time. So ensure that you get enough time to do the alterations and obtain the clothing line.

Entering the market:

The final step will be to enter the market. Marketing campaigns may cost you a lot. So go for a marketing plan that is affordable as well as effective. Below are some options to market your product:
1. Contact the local retailers and buyers.
2. Online presence is the most affordable option of starting a clothing line within budget. You can create a simple website or customize freely available template to showcase your business. Moreover, you can use free shopping carts like ZenCart (http://www.zen-cart.com/).
3. Start a small boutique.
4. Take part in local trade shows.
5. Organize a fashion show.
6. Advertise in newspapers, fashion magazines etc.
7. Distribute leaflets and use social networking tools to publicize your clothing line.

How to start a clothing line is made up in many roads, slow ones and sometimes shorter…Some people won’t ever get there where’s others are born success stories. It depends on your motivation, skill level and flair for designing pieces that people want. Possibly a direct market for something odd like dog clothes where the competition is lower or tap into a market where the big sharks swim, like woman’s wear? Following ‘above steps’ will help you kick start your goals to Start a Clothing Line successfully and who knows, you might be the next big thing…:-)

xx Alice