Deciding the look for your collection…

It’s always a challenge deciding the look for your collection and getting the fabrics right. As I’ve noticed, once the 1:sample is made it’s then, that you can actually see and really visualize what the garment will look like and what fabric that works in it. The ultimate would be if you can sew yourself, this will save you the cost of labor and effort to see what the garment need and what works and don’t. I just received 4 samples and neither of them is working fabric wise. Try ordering swaps or fabric cuttings and try washing them as well, to see shrinkage and get a feel for the fabric whilst making the 1:samples in calico/muslin.

Compare prices and be selective.

There is plenty of online fabric shops that offer similar or the same fabrics as your local shops and it’s vise to compare and calculate on the end price of your garment. I am for example contemplating using eyelet but for 20 USD/yard will that really ‘make the garment’ and will the price be too high for it? All these factors come in to play as you set the fabrics…

Be aware of your mark ups, whatever fabric you’ll choose will at the end of the production affect your retail price and customers don’t always see why your tunic ( in for example a costly lace ) will actually be priced the way it is…

Just a heads up as I’m busy checking different sites for the best options:-)Happy fabric hunting out there and love if you would share where you get your best deals and how you go about choosing fabric for your clothes.

xx Alice

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