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Good morning guys!

It’s ‘daylight-savings’ here in New Zealand and I have now finally come to terms with turning the clock one hour forward which seems a bit harsh (the unfair) since I’ve been at 7 o clock while later realizing that it was 8 o clock and not that early at all…

Anyways, enough about time issues, mornings is still the sanctuary for me and I tend to get so much done before noon. Maybe it’s the fact that I am keen to get outside after 12 and that I’ll stress a little bit further just to get on top of things and take a break from the computer screen if only for a few hours.

If you have been reading some of my posts previously you might know that I am working my way around where to sell my finished pieces. I have done some ‘cold calling’ with the result that I managed to book a few meetings in physical Stores and I’ve had those nerve-wrecking meetings. It was a slight success with one Boutique chain actually keen to see more, I just had to time their ‘buying period’ a bit better plus be 6 months well ahead for next year. That have resorted me into online sales. There is a few Online Retailers that offer commission based sales or the idea of having your own set up shop hosted at their site and then there’s those major sites like and that sells labels and designers too. As a start up and small label it’s best to start small, by contacting online stores that are selling ‘new’ labels and in small quantities like

Or, have an online shop yourself? That means keeping all the profit and choosing what garments to sell, what prices to put up and be more of your own boss. I have started a small manual store based ‘inside’ my label site as an experiment with 3 sales so far. Not that shabby considering that it’s only been live for a week and I didn’t offer Paypal buttons or any fancy carts. Over the years I have also been selling at the equivalent to, the swedish trade site and that’s a great way to get feedback on your pieces and see what people are willing to pay for the pieces since you put it up as an Auction. I can’t recommend that enough…

I am based on the belief that ‘sharing experiences’ is the best way to learn and help others so I’d love to hear what you guys think about online sales, if you have any tip’s and any sites to recommend for new labels and of course if your doing it yourself?

xx Alice

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