Sample Launch-2012

If your new to this site, here’s an update. I’m a designer with a small label, currently working on launching a new line for 2012. Having made garments/collections over seas I decided to work locally this time, having the actual Sampling and pattern making basically next door. This has proven a success and I’m so happy to be working with a seamstress that can understand my drawings and ideas. She’s also a problem solver, going through the different designs with comments like “why don’t we put an interfacing there instead”…she’s great! I got 3 pieces back today and quickly rushed out to photograph them, it’s the best way to see faults, discover things to change or improve or simply settle for the look. Since I’ve got so many emails and requests about what I’m designing I thought I’d share these:-)…What do you guys think…happy designing out there…xx Alice

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