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Hi guys!
Sorry for a slight ‘pause’ in my blogging here at Make it… I have been so ‘swamped’ and busy with this new Market Stall Shop of mine: Alice&Co Shop. Anything and everything from painting hangers to organizing tag guns and the right sort of printed bags…but it was all rewarded on the 6th of Oct, what a slight success it was (without bragging too much). Half way through the Market I had customers eagerly cuing up and requests on more garments and lot’s of interest in my own label rooslien&smith (even tough, admittedly) the wholesale garments I imported to fill out the racks sold so much better. The price tags on my own collection is in a higher price bracket due to the production costs, by default they were also moving much slower and it wasn’t until I went down to $60 NZ/dollar a piece they sold. So back to the drawing board on the cost issue. The ‘sewing cost’ is about $24 to $33 NZ/piece and then it’s the fabrics, trims, labels, prints along with GST on top and then a little cut for me? At this stage, the only one guaranteed to make money on my own garments is my ‘happy’ dressmaker:-)…Anyways, the next market will be in about 3 weeks so I’ll update you more on that later, in the meantime I’ve just received an email from Leslie at eCollegeFinder nominating Make it Fashion for a Top Fashion Blog Award, exciting and worth sharing of course. They sent me a few questions to answer and I thought that this one stood out and it made me reminisce about the times spent working at H&M and Synk Casting in Sweden.
What is the greatest advice to those aspirin to work in the fashion industry? 
Live and breathe fashion and be humble about where you start out (as long as you get that foot in the door). You have to be dedicated and passionate about fashion and the business behind it. The enjoyment of being part of this  industry comes with heavy work loads, long hours, true dedication and not so glamorous set ups or bosses. I’ve had a few strict and tough ones whilst working in several Fashion Stores and as a Casting Assistant and Assistant Buyer for a major clothing company. It’s tough but exciting and an industry that you can job jump in and grow in. The ladder is long and steep but ever so exciting to climb!
xx Alice
P.s have a great week out there:-)

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