I ordered some clothing labels and made a wish this week…


I’ve just had my birthday and (as I blew out the candles) I couldn’t help secretly wishing for a  great dressmaker and design allied this year…Come to think of it, I had a seamstress making my samples in Wellington as I trained with her and man it was wonderful.

To be able to discuss how the fabric falls, limitations of each garment and where I could put everything. You sort of need someone with a trained eye to edit your designs to. So, it’s really all about how you go about things, plan and sketch and in the end your set goals and deadline and foremost who you decide to work with, get help from and sell through.

This time around I have promised myself to sit down and plan everything and not just drift around and let things sort of solve themselves or happen by chance. You need to study the local market (if that is where you intend to start) and see what people are wearing, ask questions like price points and where you intend to sell…Am I happy making 5 pcs of a tunic and keep doing that for seasons to come or do I set my goals much higher and worldwide? Well, that’s where blowing out candles on a cake comes in…it’s like a milestone when you force yourself to wish for something and what you wish for might actually come true..

Enough philosophic talk for one post..I would love to hear what you are up to, if your designing something but haven’t launched it yet and so on..I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop too. And don’t forget to come back each month for the very new feature here on Make it Fashion.com ; Designer of the Month and next up is Rebecca that is a real ‘go getter’ girl!

That’s all for now (I’ll post as soon as my labels came back from the label maker as well, yay)…

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