The word fashion brings in our minds some awesome fashion designs over clothes and apparel. The apparent look of the fashionable clothes has a deep relationship with their designers and makers. A well-developed Fashion Business Plan is a key to find this relationship. The field of selling apparel is known as clothing line business. Like any other business, it needs an effective business plan that acts like an outline in setting up of business.
Importance of fashion business plan in the clothing line business:
• Businesses are never done over doubts, so an outline based on solid grounds can make a great difference even with least amount of budget in your hand.
• A low investment business will work even better if you spend your precious time and investment in a thoughtful way. Fashion Business Plan is like a hypothesis that will guide you as a lamppost.
• Changing styles and fashion trends have thrown the big firms and small companies in a ring of competition. So, low investment companies can only survive the competition through an organized business plan.
How to write a Fashion Business plan?
It is not difficult to write a fashion business plan. You can easily get a template online and fill it according to your requirements. Below steps will help you set up a good plan for your new Clothes line/ Label.
1. Executive Summary:
This is the first part of the business plan and a preamble of the later plan. It proves to be a communication tool between you and other related people.
 It should convey the message of the company’s aims and products.
 It should showcase successful future for the company, by relating the present working situation with future progress.
2. Company description:
In this section, you should provide a summary of your company like mission statement, background, location; future plans etc.
 You can give the legal status of the company by sketching its legal foundations, authenticity and exact location etc.
3. Vision/Objectives:
In this section, you should promote the slogan of maintaining the style and quality within budget.
 Define clear goals and make sure that they are quantifiable and time based.
 Discuss the strategies regarding present products as well as future offerings.
4. Products:
For starting a clothing line business in small budget, you have to find out supplies at reasonable prices and produce quality products. This section will discuss the products being offered and the phases they will go through before coming in the market. You can design the clothes yourself or get help from someone else. You can also get help from fashion designing courses.
 Before selecting the product line, always have a look at the surroundings, current trends and what sells.
 Design your product for different age groups as this will increase the distribution and sale.
 This modern era of brands rule the cloth line business, so choose appealing names for your products.
5. Market Analysis:
In this section you can talk about the target market in which you are going to introduce the product.
 You can check the boutiques or garments stores and determine the need of your products.
 Trade newspapers can help you find the appropriate market.
 To enter the market, you can give samples to different shops and retailers.
 You can promote your brand through internet advertisement.
 You can get help from the print media as the majority still reads ads in the newspapers.
6. Production:
 Think about the quantity, timeframe and budget.
 Buy cheap but durable material.
 Place orders for the raw materials by keeping a balance between the consumption and production.
 If you can arrange machinery at home, it will save you lots of money.
7. SWOT Analysis:
 In this section, talk about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
8. Financials:
 Clearly identify the difference of input and output as it will show the difference in growth of business.
 Always keep an eye on the resources.
 You can take easy pay back loans to support your business.
 Keep record of cash flow statements, balance sheets, financing, revenues etc.

Qualities of an effective Fashion Business Plan:
An effective Fashion Business Plan should be
1. Simple
2. Specific
3. Realistic
4. Complete
If all these things are kept in mind then you can make your low-budget fashion business worth profitable.