As you want to enter fashion business let us take a quick peek at some numbers. For different reasons almost eighty five percent of the ones interested in the starting their own clothing lines begin and end within the first few years of their emergence. Ten percent of people who are interested in this industry are either unaware of the procedure or are scared to take the risk as they are afraid of the failure. The remaining five percent are the ones who are bold enough to get into the fashion industry and manage to find their way to the peaks. 

What is the secret behind the success of a clothing line? Well, the answer is simple. To start your own clothing line business successfully the very first thing you need is to develop passion for fashion. Due to lack of this passion (although anyone can start a new fashion line) it’s a known fact that only a very few will succeed, but that includes most creative professions where the ones on the top over shadows the ‘big bunch’ scraping by on the bottom.

Here is six easy steps that will be of great help in starting your very own clothing line from scratch.

1. Before stepping in the fashion world and starting your own clothing line the foremost thing that you need to remember is having passion for fashion and a head for business. It is mostly presumed by many that you need a bank account which is loaded with funds to start a clothing line. However, this is not completely true. Of course more funds will help you soar ahead when it comes to competition but it is not the only path to a successful clothing line. Remember if you are into fashion and have an eye for business you will convert your no money account to an account filled with cash which will certainly be the fuel for your further business needs.
2. The next step is to have a name and label so that people recognize you. A unique name and label will help you stand out in the crowd. The name should be such which is easily memorable yet creative. Whereas the label should be one that marks a deep impression on your audience. Basically it is your clothing line and company’s name that will attract audience and will represent your artistic vision for fashion.
3. After you have chosen the name for your company it’s recommended that you immediately reserve a web domain name for it (in some cases even trademark it). You need to be very prompt with getting the domain name as these are sold very quickly. Be sure that the name you choose is not identical with any other clothing line’s name as this will help you in getting a domain name easily. Your uniqueness is the one thing that will give you an edge over others.
4. Apart from just reserving a domain name with your company’s name you will also have to get a bank account with it. Having a bank account with your clothing business’s name is important as you will be dealing your day to day business transactions and this will give your clothing line a professional image. If you do not have the necessary funds take financial help from a bank by obtaining a loan. As banks do not consider such businesses as a secure investment you will have to deposit some collateral and even provide for a guarantee.
5. Writing a draft business plan is necessary too as this will help you jot down your costs and expenses separately which in turn will help you in achieving your goals in a systematic way. As you want to flourish in future you need to plan small initially. Remember that slow and steady wins the race.
6. Now is the time to show your talent and prepare your design. The more your designs are unique the more it easier for you to bloom and become popular among the vast crowds. It is very important that your designs are original and have the touch of professionalism. To achieve this goal you need to work on details like choosing the right tailor, manufacturer, printer, dyer and fabric supplier. Moreover, you need to ensure that your clothing designs are aimed for your core audience. The best way to target your audience is through developing a marketing plan. Make sure your clothing line is visible to the public and the quality is such that makes your brand irresistible for them. By unique, it’s not the same as being ‘weird’ and not commercial. Choose a niece market and work on being the best there, like maternity wear or yoga outfits and then add your own taste and touch to it…

To start your own clothing line is way more than just dealing in clothes and fabrics; it includes all kind of financial, legal, marketing as well as logistical hurdles that every business has to overcome.

 Best of luck!!