Is having a clothing company considered a glamorous business..?

In so many ways it is, atleast as it’s a ‘coming and going’ job with inspiration trips over-seas, lattes on the go, you will need to be well dressed (latest styles and hopefully from your very own collection) and usually considered a very busy and fast paced line of work. It requires you to visualize future trends and needs, read customers and their demands, really think ahead and be work ready every morning. Who wouldn’t like that? In fact many would but few give it an honest go, it is pretty demanding and for most of us scary and daunting venturing out trying to make a living on a dream and lifestyle choice. Of course, running a small Clothing Shop will require you to be ‘your own boss’ and be ‘the buyer’ the merchandiser and seller, it’s a multi task that is exciting and no day is the same (unless your stuck in a really slow pasted little town where stock moves really slow). Anyone interested in entering the Fashion Industry has to be able to imagine that they will become a Business owner and work with all those aspects and many of them run entirely by you since a small yet growing company will struggle hiring staff to do all those things. A Clothing Company could be you as a Designer producing a Collection, or as a Shop Owner, perhaps a Seamstress working on different projects for several designers or clients.

As a Designer you will need to produce patterns and designs that will influence your core audience and compel them not only to buy but also recommend others to purchase your clothing. As a designer, you need to have an artistic mind to design unique clothing line that will completely takeover your audience. To achieve this goal and to beat the others in the fashion industry you need to have passion for fashion.

Making an edge in the fashion world is not an easy task. The reason behind is that firstly there is too much competition in the market and secondly everyone in the fashion world has the same goal. To make your clothing company a hit it requires more than just starting a clothing company. It basically includes responsibilities like designing the garments, converting them into a final product as well as marketing your brand among the audience.

A valid question that arises here is that what does it take to start a clothing company? Generally, it requires you to follow some systematic procedures. First step is to conceive an idea, believe in your talent and make up your mind. Remember that passion for fashion is very important to soar to heights and make your way through this industry. Sometimes this passion is misunderstood. Make sure fashion is your obsession and not just a hobby.

Most of the time establishing a company is all about profits. However, in the fashion world this is not the case. To own a clothing company you need to love fashion plus focus on producing a unique clothing line and profits will automatically find their way in your financial statements. Starting a clothing company from scratch will require a lot of hard work from your end. It is always better that you start at a small scale and as your designs flourish with time, expand your business.

To start a clothing company you need to have a name. Remember that your audience will eventually distinguish you with your name so it has to be catchy yet easy. After choosing a name you need to have a label for business. The label should be such that makes a place in your audience’s mind in a way that they recognize your brand in a glance. This is a tricky job but if you have achieved this goal then you are not just starting a clothing company rather you are advancing towards a successful business plan.

The next thing you need after a good name is a domain name. You need to reserve this immediately after choosing a name as these are sold very quickly. Moreover, the name is also used in getting your company a bank account. If your account does not possess sufficient funds to start a company then you may have to take a bank loan which is in it a tough job.

Now comes the time to show your fashion talents. Design patterns that are unique. Try to be original as audience doesn’t like buying replicas or out of fashion clothing. Fashion is something that changes very fast and people
will only consider you if you are unique. Concentrate on your clothing line’s quality. Once you have produced your fashion line then you need to focus on marketing it. This is the most important point and critical area of your business. You need to develop a marketing plan for both online and offline medium. Do not forget to follow strategies to get to your core audience when it comes to marketing and branding.

With the increasing technology there are different ways to market your company’s products online. Starting from social media, blogs to websites, you can promote your clothing line among your target audience. Moreover, you can have promotional deals for your companies such as offering discount coupons, shipping deals as well as giving away parts of your collection as free gifts-get the right people to wear your garments and the brand could spread like ‘wild fire’.

This whole process will lend you a hand to start a company which will not only make you popular among the others in the same industry but also automatically help your company head towards high profits.

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Good Luck!