Fashion designing is thought to be a glamorous and fascinating profession, and yes, in some cases that is really true. But most fashion designers struggle, crunched over sewing machines, 24/7 while working part time elsewhere just to be able to make ends meat. “What a tough job and hard choice of a career” you might think knowing that they have a full pay coming in at the end of the month. Perhaps that’s true but for most of us wanting to become Fashion Designers, creating is a necessity and happiness is measured in the freedom that we get by using our imagination and many ideas to make them come alive. So, the pay and success rewards really comes second (for most of us:-). In general terms, Fashion Designers present ordinary things in a stylish and creative way and with their innovation and creating ability, they add a new dimension to accessories and apparel.
To become a fashion designer is not a piece of cake. However, with a little dedication and smart thinking, branching out to new or gained contacts, you can excel in this field. To pursue a career in fashion designing, you should have industry knowledge and be able to use your talent and imagination to its full potential but also know your end user, who are you really designing for and would they buy your particular piece?

Do you need a Degree?
Many people think that the best place to start polishing your fashion designing skills is school. Getting a degree in fashion designing helps you in different ways.
• It adds reliability to your skills.
• You learn the basics of fashion designing like sketching, draping, pattern-making etc.
• Fashion design schools have strong links with the industry.
• As a student, you get several opportunities to participate in various competitions, fashion shows etc.
• Usually organizing a fashion show is a part of projects. This way, students get industry exposure, which can open the doors of career growth for them.
• Many fashion companies hunt for talent in design schools.
Getting a degree in fashion designing has many benefits but remember, not all big names in industry have degree in fashion designing.

Industry awareness:
Industry awareness is very important in order to excel in this profession. It is good to have skills, but you must know, how and where to apply these skills. Only then you can earn a prestigious name. So besides polishing your fashion designing skills, the knowledge about business and economics is equally important to capitalize on this profession.
• Keep an eye on fashion trends: Know about the changing fashion trends and anticipate the future trends. You should know about major fashion stores and boutiques. Also search about the online stores. See how they are operating and what strategies they are following. Analyze the profile of buyers to know about their preferences. Having information about all this, you can come up with unique and innovative ideas. Subscribing to magazines and online fashion sites, shops and bloggers can help you a lot.
• Develop your portfolio: A creative portfolio plays an important role in convincing people about your capabilities. Keep a record of your best sketches and designs.
• Get familiar with the industry: In order to know and use your talent to the fullest, it is good to have some industry experience. You can have it through internships or freelance work. You may not be well-paid, but you will gain an invaluable experience.
• Learn to use technology: To develop expertise and efficiency, get yourself familiar with designing software like CAD programs.
• Establish industry linkages: Develop a network of professionals in fashion industry. You can develop these relationships in school, at internship or via social networking sites. This will greatly help you in setting up your career

Job duties of a Fashion Designer:
Usually a fashion designer performs following jobs:
• First of all, a designer conducts survey about ongoing trends in the market.
• Then, he sketches primary designs.
• After that, he chooses suitable fabric and materials
• Then, he creates samples to show to the retailer.
• Finally, he markets his designs.
Getting into industry:
Following are some popular ways of getting into fashion industry:
• Custom Designing:

As a designer, you can adopt the strategy of custom designing. Having discussion with the clients and knowing about their needs, your duty will be to create designs for them. This will help you in getting into the industry. But, this will be a work-for-hire job and you may not be able to use your creativity, name or designs to the max, but a little goes a long way.
• Working as a Fashion Designer:
You can opt to work for a contractor or a fashion design company. It will enable you to gain industry experience, but you may not be paid well.
• Creating your own brand:
You can create your own brand. This way, you will have the freedom to use your own creativity and name as well as earn a handsome amount of money. However, you need to have a strong portfolio and a number of industry linkages to get noticed in the market.

Having knowledge about all these aspects, you can embark a rewarding and promising career in the field of fashion designing…

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