First sample magics..

First Samples! There’s nothing better and more rewarding then when your sketches comes back as first samples ready to be fitted, discussed, edited or accepted just as they are. In some cases you’ll have to do a lot of corrections and perhaps even
change your own ideas what works and not. I have had a meeting with my dressmaker and had a fitting of one top and a pair of pants that I designed. The pants was just like I imagined if not better and she added a ‘invisible pleat’ that looks stunning. I’m in luck this time, having a dressmaker that makes gutsy changes and tailors with perfection. She’s also open to discuss the fit and change things around.

The top is designed to be shorter in the front and longer in the back and double lined. After trying it the sleeve was slightly too tight, the lining perfect and I liked that you could see a glimpse of it (she asked if it was okay that the lining poked out from underneath to avoid tension on the side cut) “yes I said, as I studied it.

There is a lot of decisions to be made, from top-stitches to french pockets and width of lapelles. The only thing that needed to be changed was the front length (or lack of) on the top, so I decided to lengthen it while giving her another two designs to work on, yay…finally I’ve found someone just as nuts a myself:-)….

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