Fashion mood boards

Before setting a collection it’s best to start making a ‘mood board’. That’s a collection of cuttings, fabric- swatches, trims and various ‘cut outs’ from magazines , all made to create a vibe and vision of your collection. Mood boards is a great way to set designs and find inspiration for combinations of colors and reflects seasons and, well the ‘mood’:-)

Here’s an example of a mood board that I found at beyondbostonchic from boston bridal lounge…there are plenty of different versions and ways to go about making ‘mood boards’ so don’t let anything restrict you. I tend to make mood boards alongside sketches and photos of clothes that are inspiring to me. I have just finished setting the clothes that I want to make thanks to fabrics that inspired me. Some designers find inspiration and nature, current trends with a tweak or environments, buildings, a trip or a random walk. It’s a creating process and every seasons and collection changes, with that said, be true to your estethic and label, it’s about having a style and stick to it. I’ll add some Fashion Illustrations and Ways to find Fabrics in the next couple of days!

I thought I’d show you some pieces from the latest collection-2012 (pictured above) and my take of a ‘mood board’; a mix between fashion illustrations and fabric cuttings… /xx Alice

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