Fashion Inspiration? get into blog muses…

I have chosen ‘bloggers’ when I’m in need for some inspiration. It can be the way they watch their shoes and walk alone in dark alley ways or the colors of the entire post, perhaps it’s the way they wear something or the cut or details in the garment, or outfit. Either way I get so many ideas by having blog muses.  After all, the most popular bloggers offer a pick of the latest labels (sometimes un-heard of), styled in the best of ways and worn by someone that is ‘normal’ (possibly an inch better looking and a tad skinnier then the rest of us but still) not a top model. A blogger goes on and sells the garment to it’s readers, a win win for labels (like ours) and the blogger, since she carelessly can wear a pair of 1000 dollar shoes just that once. It makes a fascinating and most inspiring read and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone with a lack of inspiration or a feared dry spell in your collection work.

Who’s your favorite blogger and why? One of my muses is Sandra from 5inchandup pictured above and below..xx Alice

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