Decide what to design…?

My labels has just arrived (including the cute little Hang Tags pictured in yellow)

So, I’ve now finished having my meeting with the ‘new dressmaker’ and it turned out to be a happy surprise. She was flexible and just as excited about my 6 piece collection as I was.
Sitting here by my laptop I started thinking about the different steps Starting the Collection. It’s sort of a “who came first, the hen or the egg?” dilemma. You want to have your designs all set before meeting up with a dressmaker or Manufacturer but it’s also important to have the right tailor/dressmaker/seamstress/manufacturer to discuss the designs with (so make sure to leave room for adjustment in the clothes) try not to be too ‘stubborn’ to what fabric and particular look, since it’s not always going to be possible or economical in production…

I've stocked up on fabric so that it's easy to pull something out of a pile and start collaborating

Then it’s the question about fabrics, do you go ahead and buy the fabric, or do you make everything in Calico, Muslin? I would recommend making the Samples in the fabric that your actually planning to make the collection in (I know it’s a little bit costly to use the ‘real’ fabric and not experiment with for say 18 USD/yard contra 3.95 USD for Muslin but how else would you be able to imagine the finished piece? That’s my advice but everyone works differently. You can choose to order less fabric to collaborate with or just swatches, most websites and stores are quite flexible as long as your willing to pay a small fee for cuttings…Tomorrow I’ll show some of my sketches when I draft the collection…

How do you work making first samples? Sew them yourself, go straight to the manufacturer or collaborate with a dressmaker? Always love some idea sharing…Alice

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