CPSIA and FCT Clothing Labels

With the risk of sounding too “chirpy” I’d just have to start this blog post by saying: Good ‘mid-noon’ everyone! Well it’s almost 1.30 here  in New Zealand and probably more likely a good afternoon now, and yes, it is a good one since I’m finally getting the hang of all ordering all my garment labels, from Hang Tags (some say Swing Tags) to Label Tags (placed in the neck of the garment) and the ever so important Size Tags and Care/Wash Labels-with CPSIA or FTC requirements. I thought I’d share what my finished Wash/Care-CPSIA Labels actually looks like…

Beyond getting stuck on were to put a logo or what font to use on a label I am swamped with emails and piled up “small to do’s”, going backwards and forwards with the  label designs and stamps in the orders that I’m currently making. It’s a fun process but sometimes I would just like to focus on the bare creating part, were I could sit and sketch and come up with new ideas for the next season. A big helpful and ‘must visit’ website is etsy.com (for anyone that needs help creating their own labels in a small qnty). It;s a great resource site that I like to share for small time designers that wish to make their garments locally and need things like zippers, odd and pretty fabrics, labels, maybe custom printed buttons or sweet stickers to say Thank You to your purchasing customers, anything is possible there and it can all be custom made by skilled artists/designers placed world wide. Anyways, back to the Labels…

Clearing up the label of confusion. This time around I have decided to add proper labels to the samples that I’m making just to meet the proper CPSIA requirements. Since I’m new to these TERMS and get a lot of questions about this I found some useful ‘break downs’ to add in this post. Most common is to add the following (ps. check the labels of clothes and accessories in your wardrobe) that will give you some ideas as well):

  • -Name of Clothing/Garment Label
  • -Name of Style -for example: “Belinda dress” + (possible batch number or season/or both)
  • -Where it’s made (country of origin) some even add fabrics country of origin.
  • -Fabric composition (100%cotton for example)
  • -Wash and care instructions

* The city, state/territory, & country where the item was completed.
* Contact information, website, or business registered address.
– If different from where made an address or unsearchable by the city & state info so a consumer
can contact the manufacturer / designer.
* At least the season with year of manufacture or date of completion of the product,
but the governmnet would prefer you to be more specific.
* If you make repeats of the designs then you may also need a batch number,
but only if the pieces are mostly identical looking and made of the same looking
raw materials as each other.
Tracking labels, for more info you can have a read on this site: cpsc.gov

– Your company’s registered business name, or a brand/label name with RN#
– Fiber content by %
– Fiber’s country of origin
– Washing and care instructions
Other info may be required depending on the exact fabrics use like
registered trademark info for fabrics that are followed by a ® or the international symbols for care instructions.

I’d love to hear from anyone currently working on their labels and what goes for different countries.

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