First Collection Samples, how to fine tune

I have been working on getting my first samples ready in time for my trip down to Wellington. While I’m there I plan to have some  meetings booked to better show some of the garments to potential shops. I have been a bit taken back on how much work that actually goes in to adjust the first samples, little things like colors that doesn’t work in the garments trims and seams as well as larger ones like the overall fit.

I’ve had well organised sketches along with small fabric cuttings and zips, labels and pre-ordered fabric. But as the samples come to life it’s a lot that can side track from the initial idea. Some things that came out of the first samples has been changes for the better, like how the waist was too high on the dress in the picture below. So me and the dressmaker decided to lower it but keep the height in the back to a front pocket and inside of a collar (see below sweater sample) in a wax coated eyelet that simply didn’t work. I have also been forced to negotiate on lining the garments and what material to use to keep the cost down. Somethings simply won’t sell for the price I would have to charge to make any profit…the journey continues, xx Alice!

Featured in this post; First Samples of ‘What a Wave Dress’ and ‘Something Sailor Sweater’…

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